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Residential Services

Customize your home to match the way you live

A New Day is here

Your Home wakes with you

The shades begin to open with the sunrise, the landscape lighting turns itself off and you wake to your favorite song playing from the speakers.



start your day

Leave the House with Confidence

And Stay Comfortable

The kids are on the bus and you have an early meeting so ran out the door in a rush.  Did the lights get turned down?  Not to worry…simply tap “Away” on your app and you’re good to go.

The weatherman says it’s going to be hot in Madison, WI today. You pick up your phone and turn the air conditioning on. But you did it from aisle 6 of the grocery store.

12 PM


Control Your Home

When life surprises you

The dog walker is coming late and forgot his keys.  Unlock the door from the office to let him in.

You forgot to tell your wife you were expecting a delivery. She’s out running errands, and you’re on the golf course. With the tap of a button give the delivery man access to your garage, then close it when he leaves. Work project saved.



Unwind after work

Relax Your Mind

And De-Stress with a True-Aspect Home

It’s been a long day.  

Heat up the hot tub on the way home and take a quite moment for yourself before entertaining for dinner.



Entertain the kids

Entertainment at the Ready

Serving up the Fun

The kids are home from school and they’re looking for something to do. Luckily, we’ve centrally located all of your entertainment devices in your home. What does that mean to you?

It means the kids have access to the cable box, the blu-ray player, the Xbox, and the Apple TV from every Television in the home.




Set the Mood

Music in any room, indoors our out

Dim the lights and cue up the perfect playlist.  Music is an integral part of a True-Aspect Smart Home. All the music you love from your favorite music services, with a new personalized dashboard, cross-service searching, and more.





End of a great day


Curl up with your favorite book or show and activate the “Goodnight” scene using your voice to set the lights and the temperature  from the comfort of your bed.

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